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Statement by Congressman Harris on Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Programs at Southern Border

June 25, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House of Representatives is considering a bill, H.R. 3401, that allegedly attempts to address the humanitarian crisis along the southern border of the United States. However, the bill fails to provide funds to the Department of Defense for assistance with border security or to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency for additional beds for detained immigrants, and limits the ability of the Department of Homeland Security to enforce immigration laws.  The bill is supported along partisan lines in Congress, and the House is considering the bill only after the Senate began drafting its own version.

Rep. Harris made the following statement regarding H.R. 3401:

“H.R. 3401 is a partisan attempt to hide the fact that the liberal majority in the House of Representatives is so blinded by anti-Trump fervor that they completely failed to address the real and growing humanitarian crisis at the border – and children have suffered the consequences.  The president’s request would better provide resources to help respond to the flow of women and children across our southern border, and the failure of liberals in the House has been exposed.”