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Rep. Harris Statement on H.R. 1327

July 15, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) made the following statement on H.R. 1327:

“Of course, taking care of 9/11 first responders is important and a priority.  The Zadroga Act, passed four years ago, already takes care of their health needs until 2090. H.R. 1327 goes far beyond taking care of the health needs of the 9/11 first responders, providing a compensation fund for the next 70 years for potentially 600,000 victims of 9/11.  Because this could cost tens of billions of dollars, Congress should find another place in our budget that is a lower priority to pay for it. But Congress is lazy.  The Democrat House majority instead chose to be fiscally irresponsible and, on a party-line vote, suspended their own rule requiring Congress to find a source of funding whenever new spending is approved that would otherwise increase our federal debt and deficit. A group of fiscally responsible members of the House, as well as the Senate, are now working on a plan that would be able to fund this important idea while finding a way to pay for it so that it doesn’t increase our debt and deficit by tens of billions of dollars for future generations.”