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Harris Issues Statement Following Electoral College Vote Count

January 7, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC: Congressman Andy Harris, M.D., issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s counting of the Electoral College votes and mob violence in the Capitol Building:

“I have routinely and consistently rejected violent protests, whether in the case of yesterday, or last summer.  Democrats are calling for unity, yet also calling for the expulsion of Members who objected in yesterday’s Electoral College count.  Today, some Marylanders are even calling for my resignation, which I will not do.  My colleagues and I held legitimate Constitutional concerns about how the November election was conducted in certain states and felt compelled to highlight those concerns during the formal vote count.  We did not call for the overthrowing of an election.  Joe Biden will be President on January 20th.  Some of my colleagues, including those still in the Maryland delegation, offered objections in 2017 when counting the electoral votes for President Trump.  Congress is afforded the right to count, and object, to electoral votes, which we utilized yesterday to highlight concerns we had regarding the November election.  There was nothing treasonous or seditious about it in 2017, nor this year.”