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Harris corrects the record

July 26, 2018
In The News

Earlier this week, the Star Democrat published a letter to the editor falsely claiming that I voted to “strip federal funds to enforce Bay cleanup efforts.” This could not be further from the truth, so I am writing to correct the record.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted on the 2019 Interior Appropriations bill and amendments to that bill. This is the appropriations bill that contains critical funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program.

One of the amendments offered to this bill included language restricting the federal government from penalizing states that fail to meet pollution reduction standards, including Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts.

I voted against this amendment, just like the rest of Maryland’s representatives in the House, because the Chesapeake Bay cleanup effort is not the sole responsibility of Maryland. Water from several states flows into the Bay, and cleanup must be a multi-state effort. Unfortunately this amendment passed despite my opposition to it.

When the time came to vote on the final Interior Appropriations bill, I voted for the bill because it continues to fully fund the Chesapeake Bay Program at $73 million for next year.

The claim that I voted to strip funds from Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts here is 100 percent false. In fact, I am the only member of Congress in the Maryland delegation to vote for the Bay Program’s continued funding for next year.