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Congressman Andy Harris

Representing the First District of Maryland

Constituents Turn Out for Harris Town Hall

November 11, 2017
In The News

SALISBURY, Md. - Eastern Shore representative Andy Harris held a town hall meeting at Wicomico High School Saturday afternoon for a discussion centering around tax reform.

Other topics were discussed relating to economics, including addressing the deficit, and creating a budget amendment, with some unrelated to economics, including gerrymandering and the lack of women in government.

Harris says the way to reduce the deficit is not to raise taxes, but to cut taxes to grow the economy.

At times, chants of 'shame' came from the audience, but Harris was given his biggest round of applause when he suggested the best way to reform the tax code was to institute a flat tax.

"Go to a flat tax.  Eliminate all taxes and deductions, go to a flat tax... If the government wants to raise money or lower taxes, they don't do special carve outs and exemptions for one special interest group and try to sneak something into a bill.  They have to actually go and change the rate on everybody.  And ladies and gentlemen that's the only fair way to do it."

Harris added the corporate tax rate is as he says, 'outdated,' calling for tax reform like those under the Kennedy and Reagan administrations.