Rep Harris's Actions on Hurricane Sandy

Numerous families and businesses on the Eastern Shore were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Below is some of the latest information on actions taken by Congressman Harris with regard to aid for those impacted by the storm.

January 15 - Rep Harris Supports $17 Billion in Hurricane Sandy Relief

January 14 - Congressman Harris votes for "The Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013" which will streamline the relief effort for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

January 11 - Congressman Harris releases op-ed explaining his vote and responds to a question about the vote in his latest "Ask Andy" video segment.

January 4 - Congressman Harris opposes increase in the National Flood Insurance Program borrowing limit increase because there were no reforms in the package. 

December 12 - Congressman Harris joins a MD Delegation letter in support of Governor O'Malley's appeal of President Obama's denial of Individual Assistance.

December 10 - Congressman Harris tours Crisfield for a second time.

December 4 - Congressman Harris writes a letter urging Governor O'Malley to appeal President Obama's denial of Individual Assistance for areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy.   

November 29 - Congressman Harris testifies before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to document the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the Eastern Shore. 

November 19 - Congressman Harris hosts a tele-townhall for citizens impacted by the storm with representatives from FEMA.

November 14 - Congressman Harris signs a MD Delegation letter supporting Governor O'Malley's request for a federal disaster declaration.

October 31 - Congressman Harris joins Governor O'Malley on a tour of areas impacted by the storm.